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Current Works in Progress

These are my current works in progress. Publishing dates TBA. I'm currently putting together a writing schedule and will release more information when ready. But let's be honest—these books are long overdue. ;) These are also rough drafts. Blurbs are subject to change since they are written before the novels are finished.

Cheap Vows

The Cheap Series Book 5

Kathleen Abernathy is blissfully married until it’s all shattered by a pregnant girl in a church.

A year later, Kat very much enjoys the single life with her best friend. Long nights working at the pub, dodging grabby hands and terrible Karaoke helps her ignore the pain clenching her heart every time she visits her sister’s growing family.

Charlie Estes has been hyper-focused on building his trucking company and getting to know his estranged daughter, trying everything he can to build their relationship. The last thing expects is the powerful jolt of attraction to the sassy bartender who just cussed out the new employee for spilling beer on his shirt.

Kat declares she needs a distraction after she gets nerve-wracking news, and Charlie needs to feel human again. They should feel absolutely no guilt for giving into some fun.



So very wrong. 

Cheap Promises

The Cheap Series Book 6

Note: This will be the last book in the series.

After a second ugly divorce, Ben Northcutt has decided he can no longer give a flying flip about the corporate life. Starting over again in Bourbonsville, Kentucky seems like the right move.

A bold move; considering the last time he was in Kentucky, Mae Davenport not-so-politely informed him where he could take his admission of feelings while helping his first wife with their divorce.

Mae Davenport has everything she could want in life. A booming business, a father who is proud of her, and enough money to consider expanding her business to another town. She has long since put the young, careless girl who couldn’t decide in the past, replacing her with a capable woman who knows exactly what she wants out of life.

Until Ben walks into her pub. And she has promptly has him thrown out.

When something devastating happens to Carole Northcutt, Ben’s first ex-wife, Mae finds herself next to Ben on a plane to California because she once promised she would be a godmother to that little boy and girl.

Those kids are like her own. It doesn’t matter if her feelings for Ben keep coming back. She can never let herself feel that way again.

Or can she?

Head Over Sin

The Over Series Book 3

Note: This will be the last book in the series.

Cynthia Lesiker’s life is in shambles after two of her most important romantic relationships ended. Cyn committed herself to meaningless one-night stands and trying to graduate from her university so she can move onto veterinarian school.

Rhett Harmon has been there a lot for Cyn over the years since their mothers are best friends. He sees the signs of Cyn’s unhealthy coping mechanisms. It frightens him, especially when she consistently tries to put a distance between them. Between his constant worry for Cyn and his mother’s decision to move back to Tennessee to be there for his grandfather, it’s a no-brainer: leave his internship and be there for his beautiful friend.

Cyn is unsure of how to handle Rhett’s sudden reappearance in her life. He’s pushy, and she’s stubborn, and his insistence that her ways of coping with her breakups are unhealthy irks her to no end. It doesn’t matter that he’s hot. Incredibly hot.

After a terrible night and a frantic call to Rhett, Cyn finally admits she needs a change. But she’s not sure how even though he offers to be there for her. She only knows she needs to stop pushing him away when her friend, Briana, suggests something Cyn once suggested to her:

Sleep with Rhett.

But she can’t.

They shouldn't.

Until they do.