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Editing Services

I am a self-published romance writer of over seven novels. I have participated in numerous workshops I regularly participate in a platform with other authors in a private critique group. Recently, I have extended my love of writing and mentoring/coaching other authors in offering developmental edits and formatting services. I am also further qualified in that I am an editing intern at Cupid's Pulse. You can find my portfolio here.


I am currently accepting Romance manuscripts only. My own novels tend to be about second chance love, the jilted bride, troubled (but cocky!) rock stars, and small towns in the South. I also adore Young Adult Fantasy and will accept a manuscript with speculative elements as long as the primary relationship focuses on romance (think Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass and the television series, The Vampire Diaries). My number one philosophy is that I want to do all of the hard work so that you can focus on writing great love stories.


If the romance involves a brave heroine and an arrogant, but loving, romance hero, I'm there.


Unfortunately, at this time I am not accepting literary fiction or nonfiction, although I do have a background in both. Nor will I accept work without romance as the sole end game (I'm making exceptions for students only at this time--please see that service below). I'll edit short genre fiction on a case-by-case basis.

Editing Services for Students: Starting at $5

Before I break this down for you, I want to make one thing clear: I absolutely will not engage in academic dishonesty. I have worked hard for my 3.9 GPA and I don't want to put it in jeopardy. While I might suggest sources if you have no idea where to look or am willing to break down how to write an essay, I will not tell you what to add to your paper.


I want to give students a break since I'm a student myself. The base for this service starts at $5 dollars. If you have a 300-page thesis that needs an edit, we may have to negotiate prices. My specialty is anything English-paper related, but I can help with anything essay-related. I am well acquainted with MLA format. I also have an undergraduate degree in anthropology and will be willing to help you with any undergraduate work.

Blurb: $25

Are you having trouble writing your blurb for the back of your book? Either you can't quite get it down because it's too long, or you feel like it's a garbled mess. A blurb is the first thing I look at when I thinking about making a new purchase as a reader. If you don't have the right hook or tone for your blurb then your book may get looked over.


I'll save you a headache by reading over your blurb for you. If something about it doesn't seem right, I'll be honest with you and try to help you edit it down.


I consider this to be different from a synopsis, which is usually longer-but condensed-version of your work and is the document you will use to query agents. Since I am self-published and am not on submission myself, I am not offering synopsis edits at this time.

Manuscript Evaluation - First 10,000 Words $50 

The most basic of my editing services, I will read the first five chapters of your novel and critique it. We will assess together its strengths and weaknesses. Does it have a hook that will grab a reader's attention? Do the hero and heroine meet in the right places? You aren't info dumping or telling more than showing, are you? Do you have a solid, feasible outline? Are your genre tropes clear? Are you answering a question...or are you having a problem figuring that out?


I get it: writing a novel is tough. As a writer myself, I go through these questions with myself before it goes to my critique partners. If you are an outliner, or more commonly known as a plotter, I will look over your plot for you to make sure that your first five chapters are in line with what you originally wanted to write. It's okay to deviate from your original plot, but does it still convey the story you had in your head? Have plot holes started to develop in the first five chapters?

Or, if you're doing what I've done in the past, you're winging the entire darn thing and need help figuring out what direction to go in next.


You will also get an in-depth edit with the first five chapters. I'll catch your 'um's', 'just's', and -ly adverbs. I will catch obvious grammar mistakes and break them down to help you stop making the same mistakes as you continue your novel. However, I do not guarantee an error-free product. I strongly urge writers to engage a proofreader/copy editor before submitting or publishing a final manuscript.


At this time, I only offer this affordable option for the first five chapters. I cannot offer it in five-chapter chunks and I apologize for the inconvenience. 


This service will be offered in the future for short stories but I have not yet decided upon a price. Don't let this discourage you from sending me an email, however. I will work with an author on a case-by-case basis for genre short stories.

Manuscript Formatting: Starting at $45

Is Microsoft Word, or another formatting program, giving you a headache? Either you can't get those pesky lines to disappear from between a single paragraph or drop caps are driving you crazy. Do you not quite have $275 dollars to drop on Vellum or another program because you're just starting out (let alone purchase a $900+machine jus so can use Vellum)?


I've been there, and that's why I am offering this formatting service. Not only have I formatted all of my books, but I have formatted novels for several authors now, including Tara Lee. I want to take away the headache of formatting your manuscript for print so that you have a beautiful book in your hands. Nothing has ever choked me up so hard as when I first held a finished copy of Cheap Guitars, my first novel, in my hands. I very much care about my clients and their physical books: I WANT you to be proud of what you keep on your bookshelf. 


My prices for this service depend upon the number of words in the manuscript:


Up to 50,000 - $45


50,000-80,000 - $75


Up to 105,000: $95


Longer, please ask for pricing.

Manuscript Assessment: $250-$500

This is where I will proofread-or more commonly known as "beta reading"-your entire manuscript. The cost of this service depends upon the length of the work but starts at $250.


Did you have trouble choosing which point of view to tell your novel in, and do you feel like it is a mess? Do you want feedback on your manuscript, but aren't sure where to start? I like to make comments and I like to search for plot holes. I will go through the manuscript for you before you are ready for professional editing. 

Developmental Edit-$0.03 per word

This is an advanced version of the Manuscript Assessment and Manuscript Evaluation. I am not only reading your entire novel, but I am making suggestions. I will email back and forth with you. If the plotline isn't working, or if I think two characters could be merged into one, I'll explain why. This is the "bread and butter" of my services as an editor: I adore developmental editing and I'm passionate about it.


What this service is not, however, is an error-free book. Again, I strongly urge writers to engage a proofreader/copy editor before submitting or publishing a final manuscript. I am still a graduate student. I will not sift through every line to find every errant comma or split infinitive (although split infinitives and crutch words get on my nerves so I may flag them). I have an excellent editor whom I go to myself for refined grammar and line edits, although--again--we will do a basic line and grammar edit together.

Coaching and Mentoring: $25 an hour

Are you stuck? Either something in your plot isn't working, your characters are driving you crazy, or you are suffering from a complete mental block in your manuscript. You need to talk to someone but you don't have anyone who understands this writing thing.


I've been there. Man, have I been there. I was blessed by a circle of writers and professors who have helped me whenever I got stuck. I realize that not everyone has this. Either the idea of writing an entire novel is scary because you've never done it before, or you have, and now rewriting the novel is completely intimidating because you've never done it before.


I'll gladly help. We can Skype, have a phone call, or e-mail back and forth if you run into a snag during the writing process.


Why should you hire me, anyhow? 

Before I decided to get my degree in Creative Writing at Eastern Kentucky University, I majored in Anthropology and decided to explore Creative Writing, and it's literary side, as a minor. The workshop process in this program inspired me to go back to EKU after I graduated in 2010 for a second degree where I continued to gain experience in a workshop environment with my peers. There, I learned how to craft a story beyond the garbled manuscript I finished when as a college freshman. I graduated with my second degree from EKU in 2012.


I am now attending Southern New Hampshire University for a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. When I'm finished with the program I will also hold a certificate in professional writing. SNHU's extensive program outlines the need for good editing and the option to edit as a part of one's career after they have graduated; I'm just offering editing services sooner because I am confident in my abilities as both a storyteller and an editor. The MFA degree was a dream and I decided to chase after it; the editing courses are a bonus. I expect to graduate in late 2020.


Speaking of editing courses: In December, I was offered the chance to replace one of my MFA courses with one geared toward finding an internship that would give me 40 hours of editing and content writing experience. I have been with Cupid's Pulse since January 14, 2019, and they like me so much they have offered to extend my internship into the summer. I am getting well over 40 hours of experience and wouldn't trade it for anything.


I care about the writing community. More, I care about self-published authors. We are on this publishing journey together and I want to help in any way possible.

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