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MAE’S FATHER IS COOL and everything, but I’ve been around the over-protective father-type before with a girl. Hell, I get it. I’m protective of my sister, so I didn’t want to risk my chances by sticking around the bar for more drinks to risk pissing off the old man. As much as I would love another drink, I’m in my car, trying to decide if I can drive back to my sister’s apartment and be all right.

I shake my head. I can’t worry about that, so I put my key in the ignition.


“What the fuck?”

I try the key again. The car sounds like it wants to turn, but it doesn’t. It does this sometimes.

I know a little about cars, but not enough that I could successfully work on one. It’s not like I grew up with a strong father figure. Our grandfather died before Clara was even born.

I try it again.

Fucking dead.

“Shit,” I say, pulling the keys out of the ignition. Not that I will be able to see anything clearly, but I pop the hood and climb out of the car.

My car is a Toyota Corolla. She’s reliable and will last forever…or so I thought. I spend a few minutes checking everything, wondering maybe if my starter is starting to go out again. I notice a lot of crap has started to build up around the battery, and so I spend a few seconds carefully trying to knock that shit off and then bang on the battery hard.


“Fuck!” I yell, slamming my hand against the horn.

Not even that makes a sound.


Her sweet voice makes me look up. Mae is hugging herself, and she looks upset. I guess neither one of us are having the greatest night.

“Hey,” I say, glaring at my ignition like it owes me something.


“What’s wrong?”

“Dead car.”

“Oh, shit,” Mae says. “What is it doing when you turn the key?”

I turn it.

“Oh, fuck,” she says.

“Yeah,” I say. “I wonder if it’s the battery. It’s never just died before.”

“Do you have jumper cables?”

“Yeah, in Louisiana.”

“Well, those won’t do us any good.” She giggles. She doesn’t seem like the type of woman who giggles a lot. Mae is a mystery anyway to me.

“Yeah. Shit. You don’t have any, do you?”

“Yep. I’ll get them out my car.”

“You have jumper cables?” I ask her, surprised. I can’t count on both my hands how many times I’ve had to help a woman because her car died, especially went to get to school for my culinary degree.

Maybe I said that too quick. She gives me a weird look, she turns and flounces off. Because I need to do something with my hands, I grab the steering wheel and squeeze. This girl is hot, and as much as I want to do something, I’ve been drinking. Her father doesn’t seem like he’s the kind to take to letting men mess around with his daughter. I don’t even know why I’m worried about this; I’m twenty-four years old. Mae can’t be too much younger than me. I don’t plan on staying out here. I don’t need to go starting something I don’t plan on finishing. If you’re going to date a woman, you need to make sure you see things through. I’m the kind that likes to get serious. I’ve done the brief fling thing, and Mae isn’t the kind of woman who you have a fling with.

“Hey, will you even be all right to drive home if I can jump you?”

She has her car parked next to mine. She’s already out of the car, opening the hood.

Shit. Overindulging in Mae’s free drink offer wasn’t the best idea. I’m thinking too hard. The car suddenly deciding to die has done no help in not pissing me off further.

I scrub a hand over my face and nod. “Yeah,” I tell her. “Just pissed off.”

“Well, quit being pissed off,” Mae says, ducking her head under the hood under my car.

I’m instantly fucking hard.

No way can I get out of the car now. A woman who knows her way around a car? That’s a turn on. A woman who knows more than me about cars? Biggest fucking turn on, and I can’t even make sense of it.

“There,” she says, walking around. “Let’s give it a few minutes.”

“I don’t get what the hell happened,” I say. “It was working when I got here.”

“Did you leave the lights on or something?” she asks.

“No,” I tell her. “Unless the trip to Kentucky was just too much on it.”

“Hmm…” she shrugs. “I’m not sure. Let me hop in my car.”

She spends a few minutes revving the engine. When she signals for me to turn the key, I try.

“Fuck,” I say. I try again. “It’s not going!”

“Let’s give it a few more minutes!”

We do just that. I’m trying to think of something to say to her, but I know she’s got to get back to into the bar and she’s been kept from work too long already. I decide to try to turn it again. Nothing.

“Fuck!” I yell, hitting the steering wheel again.

“Damn!” Mae says. She climbs back out of her car. “I’m not sure I’m going to get it started and I have to go back.”

“It’s okay,” I tell her. “I’ve gone through the same thing with this car before. I’ll probably need a fucking mechanic. You can cut your car off.”

She does so. I’m pissed, so I climb out of the car and make a move to take the cables off the car.

“No way,” she says, pushing me out of the way. “You need to calm down and I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“Piece of shit,” I say to the car.

“I know a mechanic. He might not even charge much,” she says. “Do you have a ride home?”

“I can get one if I call my sister, probably.”

“Okay, don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of your car.”

“You will?”

“Well, I can’t exactly leave it in the bar’s parking lot…” she says. “It’s okay. Just come back in a few days. I’ll call Brandon.”

I can’t fucking believe this, but I trust her.

“Okay,” I tell say. “I’m not planning on staying here long. I can’t deal with a fucked-up car.”

“No,” Mae says, nodding. “I completely agree.”

She pats down her rear end and swears. It’s a nice rear end that I can’t stop staring at. I wonder how much she snuck tonight behind the bar since she has no problem reaching into her shirt and giving me a nice view of cleavage while she digs around in her back pocket.

“Well, crap,” Mae groans. “I’m not sure where my phone is. I think I might have left it up in one of the kitchen.”

She has definitely been drinking.

“That’s okay,” I say, ducking back into my car. The sooner I stop looking at her tits, the sooner I’ll start thinking clearly again. I search the center console and the top of the dash, and can’t find mine anywhere. What the hell?

I clear my throat and readjust myself before I stand back up.

“Mine has disappeared too,” I say, “Shit.”

Mae shakes her head. “It’s fine,” she says. “I can get mine.”

We take a couple steps back to the pub before she suddenly stops, grabbing my hand. She’s prettier up close and smells like a brewery. Somehow, that’s even more of a turn on.

“How long are you planning on staying in town, exactly?”

She has her hair pinned up with a clip and wisps of hair fall in front of her green eyes. She didn’t do much to straighten up her shirt, and more cleavage peeks out of the top along with her black bra strap. It’s a cold night, and I wonder if I shouldn’t get her back inside.

“I’m not sure. Until after my sister is taken care of, I guess.”

“But how long?”

I’m lost in those eyes, and I’m not sure how to answer her. “Depends on my car.”

“It would be a shame if it has to be junked. We should fuck in it.”

My dick, which had started to calm down, instantly springs back to life when she pulls me closer. She steps forward, pushing herself against me as she reaches down and cups me through my jeans.

“I’d hate to waste this too.”

“You’re drunk,” I say, almost choking on the words.

She raises a perfectly groomed eyebrow. “So? I love drunk sex, especially with strangers.”

I don’t like one-night stands, but this woman is grinding against me, working her way into my jeans, and there is no fucking way I’m going to turn her down.

I waste no time pushing her back toward my car. It’s in a secluded enough area that I don’t think anyone will see us. Her hand works fast, pumping me, and my mouth is on her neck, my hands roaming over her breasts.

Thank fuck she’s wearing a skirt.

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