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Contemporary & New Adult Romance is my passion.


I started my journey as an Indie Author in 2012 when I published my book, All This Time, in the Kindle Worlds program. Kindle Worlds has closed its doors as of July 16th, 2018 and this novel will no longer be available for purchase. Since starting my journey love stories, I have published six other New Adult Romance novels and don't plan on stopping! I adore writing love stories. I am now an author with Kingston Publishing Company, and I couldn't be more excited about the re-release of all of my books with extra bonus content!

I plan to make frequent updates here and on my Wordpress Blog. I'm currently working on the last book in the Cheap series. I'm excited this series is ending!


 I'm also actively writing my thesis, Heart Be Still, for my MFA Program. Check out information and updates about my thesis here.



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